FD2-8GX-P series (Dustproof) Change-over Lever Switches

产品描述Product description

FD2-8GX series are special type Lever switches, also named Toggle switch, commonly for used in portable power-tools such as Electric Wrenches, Electric Mixers, Electric Winches, etc.


◆可选带以下功能 Optional with following function:
→双极单掷 DPST (Double Pole Single Throw)
→双极双掷 DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw)

→双极双掷带中间断开 DPDT with center off

→点动方式 Momentary act

技术数据Technical data

→机械耐久寿命 Mechanical life endurance≥5E4/1E5
→电气耐久寿命 Electrical life endurance≥1E4/5E4
→最大冲击电流 Max. Inrush current at 250V60A
→接触电阻 Contact resistance≤30m Ohm
→绝缘电阻 Insulation resistance≥7M Ohm
→基本介电强度 Dielectric strength of function1500V
→加强介电强度 Diele ctric strength of reinforced3000V
→环境温度 Ambient temperature0°C~55°C
→阻燃等级 FlammabilityUL 94V-0
→防护等级 Protection type IP40
→适用于II类防护器具 Suitable for appliances of protection class II


◆输入端/输出端 Input side/Output side:
→接线柱端子 Pillar terminals φ=3.5mm

电气参数和认证 Electric Rating and Certification

订货信息Ordering Information